Haanimiihhi nõvvokoda

Haanimiihhi nõvvokoda (Council of Haani Men) is a voluntary alliance of men who share and cherish the values of historic area known as Haani. The objective of the Alliance is to contribute to the rebirth of Haanimaa that spawns the Haanja elevation in South Estonia and has rich heritage culture and deeply rooted traditions.

Activities. The Alliance collects and shares experience aimed at preserving and developing self-sufficient housekeeping, the Haani language and customs, handicrafts and traditional lifestyle. In addition, it promotes nature conservation and protection and restoration of sacred places. One of the areas of activities for the Alliance is, through different activities, to get young people interested in and respect the ancient culture and lifestyle of Haanimaa. The Alliance has also created a hiking tour introducing Haanimaa (Imärada) and invites people to come and discover the area’s nature and heritage with a Haani-speaking guide. From autumn 2009 there is working the first language nest in Estonia as a common effort of Haanimiihhi nõvvokoda and Võro Institute.

Legend. On the initiative of the Alliance, a unique work of art – The Legend of Haani and the Pillar of the World – was produced. It is the first public display of the birth of Haani under the symbol of world egg. The whole work of art created by artist Epp Margna on large ash boards has been exhibited in the recent couple of years in several areas in Estonia and has been shown also in Livonia. The Legend of Haani and the Pillar of the World has been developed further over time and will surely continue its travel.

Pinokoda. Either in Haani or further, people have noticed the conical tent of the Alliance or, as it is locally called, pinokoda. The representation of the Alliance takes part in events and contributes to efforts that help to preserve heritage culture and cherish traditional lifestyle. The Alliance has spoken out in the vision conference in Võrumaa and in many other debates. Pinokoda was also erected in the Vastseliina wood days, Viljandi Folk Music Festival and elsewhere.

Cooperation. In July 2005 the delegations of the Alliance and the Crown Assembly of the Seto Kingdom signed a pact on mutual recognition of Setomaa and Haanimaa, two ancient neighbours. This was a historic event it was the first time that the official relations between the ancient areas of Setomaa and Haanimaa were also made in writing. The Alliance has begun to establish closer relations also with Livonians and other representatives of ethnic nations.

Contact. The Alliance has been expanding its activities year by year. If necessary, we will always help you with a good word or deed. You can contact the Alliance either by phone or by e-mail. Contact person is Hollo Agu, the Senior (phone +372 559 67958) and Vodi Kalmer, the Adjutant (phone+372 565 5088, kalmer.vodi@haanimaa.ee).